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Are we going to get the backstory on how Abby and/or Ducky started with NCIS? Also, What is the title of Episode 1? –Barbara
I’ve got nada on Abs thus far, but showrunner Gary Glasberg says that Episode 3 is “a Ducky origin story, where people learn all kinds of things about his past and see a younger David McCallum, so we’re excited about that.” The Season 12 premiere, meanwhile, is titled, “20 Clicks.”

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ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: With Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and (later on) Chris Evans.

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AUDIO:  Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo interviewed by EW Radio at Comic Con (SiriusXM, July 26, 2014)

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(NOTE: This will be continuously updated over the next few days)

Pre-Hall H interview

Hall H Intro

Full Hall H (Intro + Panel)

Press Line Interviews

* From the same press pool line, so same interview questions but from slightly different video angles.